Wednesday, 22 September 2010

'Mine wasn't an easy win!'

After recording 8 tracks for his upcoming album by Sony BMG, Indian Idol 5 Sreeram Chandra is now busy juggling stage performances, playback singing and perfecting proficiency with a view to become a global celeb

Considering his track record in playback singing, stage/reality shows, was it a cakewalk for Sreeram Chandra Mynampati to win Indian Idol season 5? Well, the hoi polloi doesn't see eye to eye in this regard. It's a mixed yet warm response.

Nonetheless, the blue-eyed boy brushes it off saying, "Hailing from down south and winning the hearts of whole Indians was indeed an onus task. I believe my composure and expertise helped me in this regard." Expressing his gratitude to all Indians for paving way to his victory, Sreeram, however, retorts: "The other contestants had enough experience in stage shows, if not playback singing! It was quite a demanding job and definitely not an easy win!"

It took more than a week for Sreeram to sink in the truth that 'he finally is the Indian Idol 5'. For him, the whole journey was a 'sweet ordeal' - making friends, discovering one's strengths and weaknesses, keeping the competitive spirit up and above all, living up to the expectations of judges and people - that finally paid at the grand finale on Aug 15.

"Remember the blank reaction on my face while receiving the award from Amitabh Bachchan ji? I was speechless, too. I couldn't get out of the mood even during a brief sleep. But now, I'm through. It feels great, one-of-its-kind, top-of-the-world and on-cloud-nine to win the title. In fact, the real journey has begun now," Sreeram says with a glint of pride reflecting in his eyes.

The 24 years old Hyderabadi has already recorded a duet with ace Shreya Ghoshal for a Telugu film, one for Salim Merchant (one of the judges for the season) and chanced up on an opportunity to sing for Yash Raj's project (scheduled in a month).

"I've several shows lined up. But I'm concentrating on honing my skills. My five years of training in Carnatic classical, my knowledge in Hindustani and Western music isn't enough to become an international star, which I urge. So, now is the time for some planning unlike earlier," Sreeram acknowledges. "I want to give my best shot in every deed and be a better singer and person," he quips.

Crooning at a private do (his first performance in the city after winning the title), Sreeram was all praises for the Sony album, set for release in a couple of weeks. "Among the eight songs, I'm in love with the main track that goes like Rehanuma... It was penned by one Pinky and composed by Harpreet. Picturized in beautiful locations of Mumbai, the album is sure to mesmerize you all. Get ready for the magic," he guffaws.

And for all those eyeing the titles of reality singing shows or wanting a niche in playback singing, Sreeram strictly advises to "believe in self and get trained in classical music. Work on your negatives and be positive."

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