Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Stylish interiors now for a song!

There's a magic in that little word, home; it is a mystic circle that surrounds comforts and virtues never known beyond its hallowed limits. - Robert Southey.

The aphorism is never a passe, irrespective of the revolutionary changes taking place across the globe, every passing day. Even as quick money and erratic lifestyles have their say in the lives of every individual in this day and age, the urbane folks are leaving no stone unturned to transform their 'sweet homes' to 'classy heavens'. After all, there's certainly nothing half as pleasant as coming home after sweating it the whole day!

And for this, all that one need is a taste in adding 'zing' to interiors and exteriors. Worry not! A rap session with the cluster of home decorators and design solutions companies multiplying by the day across the city would offer you complete and comprehensive solutions in this regard, which definitely won't burn a hole in your pockets. Time for a tiny, little curve on your lips!

For Ch Sivaram, adorning the home interiors was more of a dream until he bounced upon an interior designer. "I didn't want to part with more of cash.

Accordingly, the designer gave inputs on wall colors and patterns for each room. His directives on the aspects of lighting, co-lighting, placing of the furniture and et al served more like a final touch to enhancing the environs. My home now communicates," wonders this 30 years old software developer working with a multi-national company.

"Plush homes are no more an asset of those born with a silver spoon in their mouths. It did cost a bomb earlier. However, with the changing times, the common man too has developed passion towards design industry. Now, budget isn't a stumbling block in getting striking interiors and exteriors," wows Tripurana Sumalatha, a 3D animator working with Anim Graphics at Mahendra Hills.

While Sumalatha drafted the three-dimensional presentation of the interiors for their two-bedroom flat (800 sq ft) at Uppal, her better half Srinivas (a graphic designer himself) has picked the required stuff - right from wall paints and furniture to artifacts and lampshades. "The erstwhile 'somber' flat of ours has now got a makeover, all costing around Rs 1 lakh," Sumalatha is all smiles.

Not just homes but a face-lift to workplaces does its bit in spreading positive waves and make staff feel home. Thirty-five-year-old entrepreneur Vamsi Krishna says, "Like home, I believe office too reflects and inspires one's thoughts and ideas. And, decor helped me do wonders at my workplace. Paying attention to the minutest of details like curtains, wall hangings, stationery, doormats, window blinds, wallpapers and worktables has metamorphosed the whole ambiance. Now, working overtime isn't tiresome, neither for me nor my staff." Vamsi seems a content lot!

Needless to say, design industry is all about ideas. The practicality of aesthetically saving space in ordinance with Vaastu while sticking to the basic concept is vital in bringing out the magic of any structure. Above all, meeting the expectations of the clientele besides prioritizing their perspective and sentiments forms a major task for any designer. We believe 'freedom of thought is birth of creativity.

"Understanding colors and patterns and keeping the message simple are quite essential for an architect. Thus, we polish the taste of customers and help enhance their mood or reflect their thoughts in our works though creating an ambiance," chips in Hari Gopal Dutta, founder of ThinkXNtric design solutions at Jubilee Hills.

This one-stop shop for design solutions provides services in concept designing and development based on accuracy, quality, research and reliability. Popular in European countries, the concept of one-stop shop includes departments of design, R&D, execution and administration so as to offer whole services under a roof.

"Be it in the case of designing a house, office, restaurant or a hospital, an ample knowledge of indigenous market blended with global exposure and know-how does lend a hand for designers in keeping the cost low without compromising on quality," quips Pradeep Reddy, an architect with an interior decoration firm in Narayanaguda.

Never late! It's time to work on those shoddy interiors and exteriors, all for a song!

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