Friday, 9 July 2010

Ash scores ‘zero’ for Raavan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan may be still hot favorite of many a movie-buffs, but Hyderabadi moviemaker Mani Shankar gives a ‘zero’ for her performance in the much-hyped Raavan

A 100 for Junior Bachchan, 50 for Vikram and a perfect ‘zero’ for Aishwarya Rai! Well, we are not referring to the dimensions of these silver screen stars but the numbers scored by the lead actors of Raavan, in the school of Bollywood director Mani Shankar.

Mani Ratnam’s much-hyped flick didn’t live up to the expectations of critics. Neither did it go down well with the movie-buffs. However, a cross-section of audiences was seen raving over Ash who sizzled with her captivating performance in the film, thus drawing in more masses to the theatres, despite its ‘flop’ talk.

But, Hyderabadi director Mani Shankar, known for his off-beat films like Muqbir and 16th December, has taken everyone by surprise with his statement – “Ash is the only drawback of Raavan, while Abhi was outstanding as ‘Beera’. He gave his best shot and was much convincing when compared to Vikram!”

But Mani sir, you’re at least expected to give her pass marks if not a distinction, Ash being the beautiful better-half of one of your good friends in the industry! Coming to the other point, it’s undeniably true that only the Tamil version Raavanan (where Vikram played the lead) is drawing crowds to cinemas and making cash registers ringing when pitched against its Telugu and Hindi counterparts.

However, your verdict that ‘Mr. Perfectionist of South’ has delivered just a so-so performance (?) has left many a movie-buff and mediamen speechless (you direly need to watch Aparichit that won Vikram rave reviews from critics across the country!).

This is not all, readers! Mani was all praises for director Mani Ratnam for directing such a master piece, which he compared to the 1980 American release directed by Martin

Scorsese, Raging Bull that met the same fate as Raavan initially. “Raging Bull, after 10 years, was considered one of the top 100 best films ever made in the world. So would be the case with Raavan. Actually, the Indian audience have not upgraded to Mani Ratnam’s thinking process. Well, this is my point of view as a director!”

Well, our comments are reserved on this issue, Mr. Mani Shankar!

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