Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Desperate to give in, seriously!

RJ Shekhar Basha is pretty desperate to bite the dust.The winner of the Best RJ Award consecutively thrice given away by the India Radio Forum feels it's high time to find mighty opponents to give in. He pours out his heart in a freewheeling chat with Hyderabad Journal.

"I'm longing for a tough fight and want to see myself losing to somebody's wit and intellect," radio jockey Shekhar from Big 92.7 FM exclaims on being inquired what he does to retain the top slot as an RJ.

The heartthrob of radio-buffs across the city has a quota at the India Radio Forum that honors the best of radio shows and RJs, every year. "Had I filed my nomination this year, I would have won the Best RJ Award again. But, I'm all elated to sweep the awards for best breakfast show and best promo for four years in a row. Now, I'm greedy for more in these two categories," he laughs.

Does it mean Shekhar Basha has no competitor with 'mettle'?! He diplomatically makes it clear, "RJing isn't all about blabbering. It isn't about sounding 'sweet' over radio either, but providing infotainment to the listeners, which I strictly follow." There are a handful of fellow radio jockeys that Shekhar admires, who according to him would make it big only if hone their skills.

The software engineer-RJ-VJ is recently seen donning the role of a tutor. "Yes, I deliver a guest lecture for free on radio jockeying at LAMBS Institute, set up by a UK firm, for those pursuing MBA in Media," he says with a glint of pride.

Any plans to set up an institute all by himself, then? Shekhar rules out the idea saying, "There are just five radio stations in Hyderabad and hardly any scope for all the students landing a job. No business plans, please!"

Might be he is overburdened playing multi-role, especially that of a teacher! "Well, there's a good teacher in me. And, I'm on cloud nine taking some time out to live my passion. I give enough time to my admirers who have been my support all through," he hastens to add.

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